Our Mission

We aim to maximize PhD students’ and PhD graduates’ potential by establishing a communication platform across all Doctoral Programs, Departments and Research Units at IST Técnico Lisboa thus building a strong community and making it easier to collaborate and actively engage in activities.

Our Strategy

We launched a free-access online communication platform on Discord and have created several Workgroups to efficiently address several topics such as:

  • Organization of social gatherings and networking activities
  • Promotion and/or coordination of training initiatives to improve hard and soft skills
  • Integration of PhD graduates in the both academic and non-academic job markets
  • Integration of PhD students within the academic framework of Técnico and of the ULisbon
  • Logistic support for the activities developed by the Club

Going forward, we intend to continue growing and strengthening our diverse PhD student community and develop strategic ties with stakeholders within IST Técnico Lisboa and otherwise that can help us reach our goals.

About Us

We are a group of PhD students from IST Técnico Lisboa of diverse scientific backgrounds, nationalities, interests and ideas.

The absence of an appropriate forum to discuss the PhD students' interests, needs and expectations, regarding both professional and interpersonal aspects, led us to create the PhD Student Club.

Join the Club

Any PhD Student from Técnico is welcome to join the PhD Student Club and its activities. We are also open to collaboration with any interested entities (Company, Department, Service, Research Unit).

If you are a PhD student and want to follow our activities, feel free to join us as a Club Fan. If you want to collaborate more actively in our activities, you can join as as a Club Member.

To join the club, click the button below and fill our registration form.

Contact Us

Get in touch using the following form or use our email address. We would love to hear from you!